Ant Miner S7 Hosted Service Available, Bitcoin Miners UK

Price: 769.99
Shipping: Free for UK purchase, £25 worldwide.

Ant-miner S7 – Hosted Service 0nly £389.99 – CHEAPEST OFFER AVAILABLE!

To order this contract or for further information, please e-mail we will invoice you usually in under an hour!

Get the full benefits of this excellent Bitcoin Miner, without the problems of hosting your own miners such as noise, space, heat and downtime. You get the advantage of full time technical support, cheaper electricity (our Chinese warehouse gets electricity at nearly half the price of the US and nearly a third of the UK price).

You also avoid the costs of Shipping, Import Duties, VAT and the loss of time as we will usually have your hardware up and running at our mining farm faster than we can even organise shipping.
Our Bitcoin Mining Farms give the perfect operating environment, temperature, humidity and 24-7 maintenance and Security.

This ease of deployment makes things more scalable.

S7 Specifications:

1. Hash Rate: 4.86 TH/s 
2. Power Consumption: 1210 W
3. Power Efficiency: 0.25 J/GH
4. Rated Voltage: 12.0V+5%, should not be less than 12.0V
5. Chip quantity per unit: 162 x BM1385
6. Dimensions: 301mm(L)*123mm(W)*155mm(H)
7. Cooling: 2 x 12038 fan
8. Operating Temperature: 0 °C to 40 °C
9. Connection: Ethernet

More Convenient and no waiting for shipment of hardware
Electricity is much cheaper (1/2 the price of US and 1/3 price of the UK)
Cheaper, No Shipping costs, savings passed onto you
Security and Technical Support 24 hours a day 365 days a year

Miner Sales
In the event that the Coin Desk BPI malfunctions, Bitcoin Miners UK reserves the right to use a different Bitcoin reference price. BitcoinMinersUK also reserves the right to manually adjust the USD or GBP exchange rate when there is an abnormal fluctuation in the Bitcoin market.
Miner Deployment & Conversion to Hash-rate
1. When purchasing a miner on Bitcoin Miners UK, the amount of hash-rate credited to the user will be identical to the rated hash-rate listed for a particular machine on the official website of Miner Supplier.
2. Miners will be shipped, deployed within 72 hours of placing an order and completing payment, and then hash-rate credited to the user’s account at the moment of 72 hours.
(The fist pre-sale round will be deployed before 11:59PM on October 10th 2015 Beijing time.)

PPLNS Revenue Distribution Explanation
1. Upon Antpool finding a block and after six network confirmations, the block information and revenue will be transmitted to the Bitcoin Miners UK platform.
2. Upon receiving this information and the newly found Bitcoins, Bitcoin Miners UK will then divide revenue among all users according to the proportion of the amount of hash-rate they control proportional to the entire pool.

PPS Revenue Distribution Explanation
1. PPS uses the following formula to calculate theoretical mining revenues per GH/s.
1 * 10^9*86400*Current Block Reward/Current Difficulty/2^32.
During revenue distribution, users will receive income based on the amount of hashrate held in their accounts.
2. PPS payments will be made once daily between 12:00 and 13:00 Beijing Time.

Collection of electricity and maintenance fees
1.    Bitcoin Miners UK uses a fixed electricity price and maintenance fee of 0.0976 USD per kWh.
2.    Electricity fees are calculated as follows: kWh per GH/s * 24 (hours) * 0.0976 USD.
3.    Electricity fees are deducted once daily at the same time as revenue payouts. Fees are calculated using the current Bitcoin exchange rate (by default, the Coin-Desk BPI) at time of payment. Fees are deducted from the user’s balance on Bitcoin Miners UK.
4.    In the event that a user does not have enough balance in their account to pay for the electricity fee, their account will begin accumulating a negative balance; however, the user will also retain ownership of their GH/s.
5.    BitcoinMinersUK reserves the right to make adjustments to the electricity and maintenance fees based on operational factors. Except in dire cases, Bitcoin Miners UK will announce any changes to these fees at least one week in advance of them taking effect.

Transaction Fees
On the ANTS7 gigahash exchange, Bitcoin Miners UK will collect a 0.15% transaction fee on each trade, to be paid for by the seller of the hashrate. The buyer does not need to pay any fees.

1.    Bitcoin Miners UK ensures a 99.9% uptime.

Miner Redemption
1.    If due to falling Bitcoin exchange rate or increase in mining difficulty, the electricity fee is greater than 90% of mining revenues, mining contracts on Bitcoin Miners UK will enter a “redemption waiting period”.
2.    As we do our best to keep mining contracts profitable, during this waiting period, revenues will be paid out according to the PPS method.
During this time Bitcoin Miners UK will halt trading on the GH/s exchange, hasrate transfers and cancel any unfulfilled orders.
3.    If owing to a rising exchange rate, the ratio of electricity fees to PPS payout is lower than 90% for a period of ten continuous days, then mining contracts will revert back to the PPLNS method.
4.    During this waiting period, if electricity fees are greater than revenues for a sustained period of ten continuous days, Bitcoin Miners UK reserves the right to retire the machines. When machines are retired, a user’s contract will then enter into the “hardware redemption period”.
5.    Prior to a machine entering into this hardware redemption period, Bitcoin Miners UK will not accept any requests for hardware redemption.
6.    During the hardware redemption period, users are given a period of 7 days during which requests for hardware redemption must be made.
7.    Customers holding enough GH/s to constitute an entire machine of the associated type (e.g., 4860 GH/s of Antminer S7) are eligible to convert that amount of GH/s into the used unit of the associated type. If a user does not have enough GH/s of the associated kind to exchange for actual hardware, then this user is not eligible for hardware redemption.

1.    Users may not exchange GH/s of one type of miner for hardware redemption of another kind of miner.
2.    Users residing in China will be required to pay a handling fee and the cost of domestic shipping. Users residing outside of China will be required to pay a handling fee, the cost of domestic shipping to a port, and the international shipping fee.
3.    Handling fees are set at US$50, and domestic Chinese shipping (including to the export) and international shipping fees will be collected according to the actual charge.

Contract End
1.    Bitcoin Miners UK cloud hashing contracts are terminated upon miner redemption or after the redemption period ends, whichever comes first. Bitcoin Miners UK does not accept responsibility for hardware warranties, hardware support, shipping risks, etc.
2.    Because redeemed hardware is, by nature, secondhand, Bitcoin Miners UK cannot guarantee the quality or remaining life of a machine. Older units may not hash as efficiently as they once did. Bitcoin Miners UK cannot guarantee that every redeemed machine will operate as though it were new.
3.    If mining farms may no longer continue operating due to change in legal status, war, earthquake, fire, electricity failure, or other acts of God, Bitcoin Miners UK does not assume responsibility for compensation.