10 Tera-hash – Hosted Service - 10Ths - BMUK-10 Liquid Cooled Miner

Price: 769.99
Shipping: Free for UK purchase, £25 worldwide.

Our Latest Price - Only £769.99 GBP!!!

Take advantage of Icelandic Electricity – Only 4 Pence Per Hour!

To order this contract or for further information, please e-mail info@bitcoinminersuk.com we will invoice you usually in under an hour!

We are proud to announce the arrival of our BMUK-10; the BMUK-10 has a Hash-rate of 10 Ths (Terahash) or 10000 Ghs. We use 28nm asic chips which use only 0.24 Joules of energy per Giga-Hash; this makes our new miner one of the most efficient available at the moment. These are not the most efficient asic chips but they are the most cost effective at the moment, and will give you a long time of being profitable.

Costs of Electricity and Maintenance:
1.    Bitcoin Miners UK uses a fixed electricity price and maintenance fee of 0.06 GBP or 0.09 USD per kWh.
2.    Electricity fees are calculated as follows: kWh per GH/s * 24 (hours) * 0.09 USD.
3.    Electricity fees are automatically deducted once weekly prior to payout.
4.    Payouts will continue for as long as the mining will be profitable.

More Convenient and no waiting for shipment of hardware,
Electricity is much cheaper,
No Shipping costs, savings passed onto you,
Security and Technical Support 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

This is the most profitable and stress free way to mine - Get the full benefits of this excellent Miner, without the problems of hosting your own miners such as noise, space, heat and downtime. You get the advantage of full time technical support, cheaper electricity (Electricity in Iceland is only 4 pence or 6 cents per Kw/h), which is under a third of the price of the UK.
You also avoid the costs of Shipping, Import Duties, VAT and the loss of time as we will usually have your hardware up and running at our mining farm faster than we can even organise shipping.
Our Bitcoin Mining Farms give the perfect operating environment, temperature, humidity and 24-7 maintenance and Security.
This ease of deployment makes things more scalable.

Hardware Specification:

Hash-rate – 10 Ths (10000 Ghs)
Power Consumption – 2500 Watts (at the wall)
Power Supply 2 x Antec 1300W
Efficiency – 0.24 Joules per Gigahash
Voltage – 12 Volts
Chips – 332 x 28nm ASIC
Dimensions – 4 U Case (48.3CM Wide x 17.6CM High x 57.9CM Long)
Cooling – Liquid Cooled with Noctuna Fans (Rated up-to 4000W of head dissipation)
Connection – Ethernet
Weight – 19 Kg

We will have your Hosted Hardware up and running within 4 Working Days on receiving payment, for Hardware sales please go back to our products page.

For any questions or to order please email us on info@bitcoinminersuk.com