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Our own Range of Bitcoin Mining Hardware. 17 Jul 2016, midnight

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Our own Range of Bitcoin Mining Hardware.

Originally posted - 1 Dec 2015 by

We are proud to announce the arrival of our OWN Bitcoin Miners the BMUK 5 and the BMUK 10, the BMUK 5 has a Hash-rate of 5 Ths (Terahash) or 5000 Ghs and the BMUK 10 has a Hash-rate of 10 Ths. These will be available for purchase but primarily for our Hosted Hardware customers.

The BMUK 5 and 10 both make use of 28nm asic chips which use only 0.24 Joules of energy per Giga-Hash; this makes our new miners some of the most efficient available at the moment. These are not the most efficient asic chips but they are the most cost effective at the moment, this is very exciting as this is the first time our company has got so involved in Bitcoin Mining.

We decided it was a necessary step as we needed to become more independent and less reliant on other hardware manufacturing companies. From the feedback of our existing customers and using other companies hardware ourselves for prolonged periods of time, saw room for improvement in certain areas of the design. Many of our customers both large and small scale miners complained about how untidy, noisy and inconvenient miners are when they are not encased, so we decided to make a point of our miners having the following features:

4 U Rack mountable aluminium case – The BMUK 5 and 10 both make use of this brilliant case which can be positioned vertically (like a tower pc) for small individual miners or rack mounted for a well organised, modular mining rig.

Liquid Cooling – Both miners make use of liquid cooling, which are capable of 4000 watts of heat dissipation and reducing noise levels massively.

Both BMUK 5 and 10 make use of the Antec 1300w PSU – We found these to give both excellent efficiency, reliability and quiet running. Please go to our products page for full specification,

Due to electricity in Iceland being less than a third of the price than the UK and Iceland being so welcoming to Bitcoin we have decided it will be the best place to host our Cloud Mining service.

If you have any questions please feel free to email us info@bitcoinminersuk.com


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