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The New Antminer S7 out now! 17 Jul 2016, midnight

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The New Antminer S7 out now

Originally posted - 20 Sep 2015 by

Bitmain recently announced the Antminer S7, with the use of their new BM1385 ASIC chip this is a miner we at Bitcoin Miners UK have been eager to get our hands on as this is a great miner used from small home miners to large data centres. Many other manufacturers are only using in-house or for the certain large mining operations that have announced new chips.

Antminer S7 Specifications: Hash Rate: 4.86 TH/s Power Consumption: 1210 W (at the wall, with APW3, 93% efficiency, 25C ambient temp) Power Efficiency: 0.25 J/GH (at the wall, with APW3, 93% efficiency, 25°C ambient temp) Rated Voltage: 12.0V+5%, should not be less than 12.0V Chips per unit: 162x BM1385 Dimensions: 301mm(L)123mm(W)155mm(H) Cooling: 2x 120mm fan Weight: 4kg Operating Temperature: 0 °C to 40 °C Network Connection: Ethernet

The Antminer S7 is built solidly with dual push and pull fan system; the S7 is roughly the same size as the S5 and packs a massive amount of power in a small package. The housing has a new twist to it; you can connect 3 of them together at the sides with a tongue and groove system. We say three, as each controller has the connections to run three S7s simultaneously. This option allows for several different ways to deploy them with. Being able to stack them together even if you are not using one controller for multiple units is a plus, it also allows for more secure and neat arrangements in your shelving and organisation of miners. Antminer S7 – Less Input and More Output! The power consumption to Th/s or Gh/s ratio of the S7 is something we've not witnessed before. While the S5 produced 1.155 th/s at 600 watts, the Antminer S7 is producing 4900 using just over double the power, this means the S7 is twice as efficient as the S5!. The power set-up is a little different than your usual Antminer configuration; the beefier controller requires a PCI connector; each hashing board requires all three plugs connected and uses roughly 405 watts per board. For this review we connected two of them to one PSU. Then connected the 3rd board and the controller to another PSU; it is important to remember to connect one PSU to a hashing board. Never mix multiple PSUs on the same board. The S7 is a lot quieter than expected for a dual fan miner that is dissipating heat generated in such a small package. Bitmain did a great job of finding fans that are high CFM yet quiet. The S7 is louder than the S5, but not as loud as the S5+. At four feet it registers 66 dB, the majority of the noise sounds like rushing air, there is no high-pitched whine. 0.25 J/GH on a 28nm Bitmain’s simple software interface is on the controller with current firmware version dated 29th of August; we did not find any bugs as we sometimes find that some miners have when we get them before release to the general public which is also a good sign. The frequency selection is simple to operate and offers lots of options, so over-clocking and under-clocking is easy to do. The BM1385 ASIC chip is built using the 28nm process. In conversations with Jihan, he stated that the 28nm process can be optimized even further and with 28nm being a mature technology standard chips can be produced faster and cheaper whilst providing simultanious gains in performance. The performance gain is very obvious with the BM1385 as the power to gh/s ratio at 0.25 J/GH is a very aggressive drop (twice as efficient as the S5 ). The larger die size allows for a greater surface for heat dissipation as well; these things amount to a piece of Bitcoin Mining Hardware which has a small form factor and solid performance. The Antminer S7 is a solid performing Bitcoin ASIC miner with a familiar form factor that Bitmain debuted with the S1; adding the tweaks of a tongue and groove system on the chassis allowing for easier stacking coupled with a robust controller allow for new options for deployment. The performance is the best on the market right now (especially when you consider the cheap price) that you can get your hands on for Bitcoin ASIC miners. The S7 is a solid miner that will fit in well from small to large installations. The ease of use that is one of Bitmain’s hallmarks is there as well; the S7 on stock setting is putting out a reliable 4.9 Th/s across Kano and Antpool whilst only drawing 1250 watts; its a star performer like the S5 before it. The Bitcoin block reward halving will be happening at the end of July 2016 so getting your hands on the most efficient miners you can right now is crucial. The S7 is a great option. Whilst it's unlikely something you want in your bedroom, its not something that would have to be stored in your garage; but all our living arrangements are different. 66Db is still an undesirable level of noise in certain spaces, (about the same as an extractor hod at a low setting ) especially if you want multiple miners.

If you live in a small space, you like your home very quiet and/or your electricity prices are high than why not have a hosted miner?

We can host your S7 or any Bitcoin Miner for that matter and can supply cheaper due to shipping not being an issue, you wont have import duties, vat or any other tax to factor into the cost, you will pay around a third of the electricity costs and also get you miner up and running more quickly with round the clock expert tech support in the rare event that anything does go wrong.

If you have any questions please get in contact with us straight away.


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