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Bitcoin Introduction 17 Jul 2016, midnight

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Bitcoin Introduction

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Introduction Bitcoin is basically a digital asset as well as a payment system that was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto. The invention came to be known when the inventor published the invention in the year 2008. Bitcoin was released as open source software in 2009.

How do I use Bitcoin? It is crucial that new users know exactly how to use Bitcoin. The following steps will help you familiarize yourself with the system; 1. Be informed It is always wise to know what you are getting yourself into before signing up. Make sure that you read the policy and terms of use, and understand how the system exactly works. This will help you to transact securely and to avoid any challenges that you may be facing. It is crucial that you understand the system is public, so anyone can view your transactions and balances. 2. Payments You will need to verify the mode of payment you will like to use while transacting in Bitcoin between yourself and merchants or users. There are many options available so you have the benefit of choosing what you really like, whether mobile, desktop web, or any other.

  1. Getting Bitcoin This is pretty simple as you will only need to accept them as a payment for goods or certain services. In fact, you can even buy them from a friend or from an exchange with your own bank account. Bitcoin mining hardware is a good option or you can choose hosted Bitcoin hardware, whichever suits your needs.

  2. Spending Bitcoin Bitcoin is used all over the world and you can use the system to pay merchants. In addition, you can even rate your experience to help you grow your business.

  3. Accounting and taxes Different jurisdictions have different taxation laws, so it is wise to get an expert in accounting and tax to advice you on how to comply with tax requirements.

  4. Using Bitcoin It is allowed that you display your Bitcoin logo on your website, brick or mortar to allow others to see and know that you are on the system. What users must know about Bitcoin? Need to protect your wallet- this must be secured accordingly in order to make payments easy and fast. The prices are unpredictable. It is hard for any business to have fixed prices, and Bitcoin is no exception. Its prices are flexible and can increase or decrease in any given period of time. At the moment, it is not advisable that you store huge sums of money that you would mind losing on the system, or your life savings. Payments are irreversible. Once you make any payment, consider it a closed deal. You will never get a refund, only the receiver gets the money. Make sure that you always pay accordingly and only deal with people who have a good reputation. The good thing is that Bitcoin has a way of detecting mistakes and will not allow you to send money to the wrong address. They are working on improving the services to offer more choice in order to provide users and consumers with enough protection. It is public. There is no anonymity and privacy issues may come up. The transactions in the system are all put in a public and permanent network. All the users can actually view your balance and transactions. It is advisable that users adopt good practices in order to shield their privacy. Insecure transactions. If the payments are unconfirmed, there is no guarantee of security. It is wise to always wait for Bitcoin’s confirmation before proceeding. Bitcoin is still an experiment. This is a good study for digital currency and users need to be careful not to waste their money.

How does Bitcoin work? This system transacts directly between the users, there is usually no need for intermediary. The transactions are verified by network nodes and recorded in something called the block chain, which is a public distributed ledger. It uses a Bitcoin mining hardware or a hosted Bitcoin hardware. Generally, it works without a central repository or administrator so it is a decentralized virtual currency. It is a digital currency and has been considered as the largest one with a huge total market value.

Bitcoin mining This is a prize paid for payment processing work where users use computing power to verify and record payments into a public ledger. The miners are rewarded with transaction fees and newly created Bitcoin’s. Other forms of exchange that can be used include other currencies, products and services. It requires a software and hardware, and the most common one is a hosted Bitcoin hardware.

What is Bitcoin Cloud Mining? This basically refers to communications and optional local Bitcoin wallets without having to manage your own Bitcoin mining hardware. You will generally share processing power run from remote data centers. Types of cloud mining These generally include;- Hosted mining – user basically leases out a mining machine hosted by the provider, which is called a hosted Bitcoin hardware. Virtual hosted mining- involves creating a virtual private server and installing your own mining software. Leased hashing power- does not need a physical or virtual computer. Advantages of Bitcoin cloud Mining You can work at home Cost effective because of electricity and transport costs No worry about things to sell when mining is not profitable Very minimum chances of meeting bad suppliers You don’t need to manage your Bitcoin mining hardware Disadvantages of Bitcoin cloud Mining Risky because of frauds Obscure mining operations Minimal profits if you do not have a good strategy and chances of risk to lose if mining operations stop depending on Bitcoin prices. Limited control and elasticity. Bitcoin Cloud Mining Services There are many companies that offer these services, but we shall mention a few well-known ones for your reference. Do not take this as an endorsement so always take care before making a final decision. They include; Genesis Mining, Bitcoin Cloud Mining, NiceHash, Eobot, CloudHashing, 808 Mining, Hashflare, and MineOnCloud. Are there any Bitcoin Cloud Mining Scams? Like in any other business, there have been reported and suspected scams in Bitcoin cloud mining. Any potential buyer should take caution before buying any contracts. Some reported scams in this field include Scrypt.cc, which is very enticing and allows the purchaser to start gold mining immediately. Another company to be careful with is Piggyback Mining, which allows purchasers to start earning straight away. They reportedly cover all power bills and pool fees. They claim that the business is completely insured in order to protect their customers and enable them succeed. Conclusion There are many advantage of using the Bitcoin system. It is a good platform to undertake business; all you need to do is be careful not to lose your money and follow our guides on staying safe with bitcoin, investing in Bitcoin and buying the right Bitcoin hardware.


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