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Bitcoin Blackmailers 18 Jul 2016, midnight

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Bitcoin Blackmailers

Originally posted on 7 Apr 2016 by

Interpol War Game Models Chase for the Bitcoin Blackmailers Interpol, the international law enforcement agency carried out a war games scenario few days ago that focused on discovering identity of blackmailer demanding ransom of more than $4 million in Bitcoin. There were 64 participants in the event representing 26 countries. It was a 4 day event held from 21 March to 24 March. The teams were given scores during this war game. The teams earned points upon the completion of certain objectives and they lost points when they made errors or when they asked for help.

Interpol told that this war game was centered on a financial oil company being blackmailed by an unknown entity. That unknown entity was threatening the company to release the corporate secrets if payment wasn’t made in bitcoin. Interpol Explained that the investigation started after a page was published by ‘Cracker10000’. This page was published on ‘Webspace’ a social media site, from a blueprint that was stolen from the company financial Petro oil refinery.

Cracker10000 threatened posting other information of sensitive nature as well, if the demanded ransom of 10,000 bitcoin wasn’t met.

The international organization further said that teams involved in the war game gathered the clues through the forensic analysis of the electronic devices and fictional interviews. Many private-sector technology vendors and startups also participated. This event was organized by IGCI (Interpol’s Global Complex for Innovation) which is a research office in Interpol. This research office of Interpol has worked on the issues related to digital currency since some time now. Last year, the IGCI made an announcement that a new digital currency was created by IGCI in order to help Interpol in learning more about this technology.

Moreover, Interpol has been using the blockchain and bitcoin as fodder for the training sessions. Last year, blockchain data was used by the game participants for tracing the payments made to and from a fictional black market. Interpol has previously held many events focusing on the digital currencies and the organization last fall signed a deal with Europol which is European Union’s law enforcement arm. According to the deal the two organizations will work together on the investigations that involve technology.


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