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Bitcoin Miners UK started out and is still based in Central London; we have been involved in Bitcoin Hardware and Investments since 2013 (This is like a million years in the Bitcoin Scene).

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Why Choose Bitcoin Miners UK?

Specialising in Bitcoin Mining Hardware since 2013!

Bitcoin Miners UK first got into retailing Bitcoin Mining Hardware back in 2013 with the Bitmain Antminer S1. We were involved in Selling Hardware Hosted Miners and Cloud Mining Contracts until a couple of years ago. .

What’s been Happening?

A great benefit to this research carried out is now going to be repurposed back into the Hardware side of the business, meaning that if you are looking to mine altcoins; you won’t be “shit-coins! " :-)

Benefit from Our Knowledge.

We will still be selling Bitcoin Mining Hardware and hardware for mining other Cryptocurrencies as we want to serve our original customers. We have been working for some time on a problem that we see with Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies in general, the volatility!

You Wont Find Better Pricing, Service or Transparency!

One of our projects over the past 18 months has been developing different ways of solving the problem of the volatile prices of Cryptocurrency. See our {crypto-investments page}.

So if you are looking to invest in cryptocurrencies, bitcoin mining or hosting mining hardware we will be able to help you.

We will be back to publishing the latest research on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies very soon and we’re also looking into Bitcoin ATMs and Point of Sale Systems for Shops and businesses.

We have had a good reputation in the Bitcoin community and to have this for nearly a decade is a century in the world of Crypto-currencies. We are in this for repeat business, we adhere to the following very strictly:

Our Core Features

No Pre-Order

Bitmain Miners UK was started primarily at my frustration with the concept of “Pre-Order”, why anyone would pay for something and wait anywhere up-to six months is a mystery to me. Read More…

No Pre-Mine

Another one of our pet-peeves is Pre-Mine, we explain this here, we do not invest in any Cryptocurrencies that are pre-mined and we don’t sell hardware to work with such coins. We don’t sell anything we wouldn’t buy ourselves!

Best Pricing

We offer the most simple and best pricing on our hardware and competitive rates on hosting. We will be offering the most profitable and stable long term investment program soon. Click here for more info

100% Confidence - Secure Transactions Block-chain Technology.

We will soon be launching a system which is so open and transparent, anyone who is a customer or investor will have 100% Confidence that payments, refunds and payouts from return on investments will only be able to be released to the wallet who sent them Read more here!

Free UK Next Day Delivery & Cheap Worldwide Delivery!

Unless clearly stated in each product description we always dispatch same-day for the UK and offer all other countries world wide delivery at COST PRICE! We use several price comparison guides for ALL our deliveries so we can pass the savings on to you!

We Only Work With Free and Open Source Software!

Only work in Free Open Source Software (FOSS) and FOSS Hardware hardware and hardware that works with FOSS! We believe this is essential in the Crypto and blockchain domain for security and privacy. We won’t entertain anything crypto related otherwise!

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